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Torterra by kvilledrew

This is an interesting idea for a Torterra and I can see a lot of work was put into it. Texture of bark and expression of the face are ...

Gardevoir and Gallade by kvilledrew

There are some really nice-looking patterns in this picture, but some parts of it just don't look right. I like semitranslucence of the...


Tricky Keldeo
Another pic that was sitting there waiting forever 'till I finally upload it... I still don't like it as it is now, mostly because I don't have any program able to produce gif's on this comp and I had to use an online converter that reduced pic's size greatly. Also I'm no good in animations whatsoever >o<

I have a nice bio theory for all four muskadeers, which makes Keldeo a real two-faced character~ but I may explain it some ther time. As for now, have a gif showing him in both forms. I was fed up with people seeing him as cute pony, so I based my design on extinct deer and a pig, namely Hoplitomeryx and Kubanochoerus. Its horn exchange mechanism is based on Pronghorn antelope - they grow like regular antelope's horns, but are dropped regularly like deer's antlers. Before double horns are dropped, the single horn starts to grow, and the other way round, so the animal is never truly hornless.

I may reupload the pic if I manage to make a better gif sometime in the future.

Pokemon belong to Nintendo I guess? But this reinterpretation is all my idea ;)
The other three can be found here: Terrakion, Virizion and Cobalion. As usual, thanks to :iconkvilledrew: for inspiring me to start this series.
Croakies by GosieXvelLipa
My, it's been ages since I last submitted anything. Truth to be said, I haven't been producing any art lately. Even this one is some four months old :O I've had problems with my graphic program that successfully stopped me from putting these photos together...

Anyways, I've (re)learned to crochet! It's fun in its own dumb way. And as soon as I got a grasp on basic texture, I jumped right into deep water to make a toad plushie as a birthday gift for a friend. Spent a month over this, and almost made it in time :p Sir Matildus Froggington, under his rough cover, is very soft and cuddly~

And the best thing is, the whole design was almost entirely improvised on the way x.x
Finally Getting a Mane by GosieXvelLipa
Finally Getting a Mane
Last doodle today. A cub Kora excited about growing a tuft at last. Before that he used to look like a girl xD

Kora is my oc, but the Lion King universe belongs to DIsney (probably)
Sleepy Flareon by GosieXvelLipa
Sleepy Flareon
Nothing special, just another doodle I have found in long-forgotten scans. It was my favourite Pokemon throughout my childhood ^_^ It's so chubby and fluffy!

I have also drawn Vaporeon and Jolteon around this one, but they are not colored so who cares about them.

Pokemon belong to Nintendo, maybe?
DIY Venusaur by GosieXvelLipa
DIY Venusaur
Gods, I should have uploaded it ages ago, but I forgot to scan it with all the other stuff and was too lazy to do it later.

Anyways, it's technically is a fanart of :icondarkkenjie:'s comic Pokemon Awkward. You can see the creation of this splendid venusaur here :)
Hello to anyone who (probably accidentially) wandered onto this site!

The weather today was awful and I felt terrible for not doing anything constructive for all day, so I decided to do something that should have been done a very, very long time ago. I mean, to mark my existence on DeviantArt.

For years I've been a leech here - just wandering around, checking favourite artists galleries and such, not thinking about creating an account. What for? To leave my comments? Other people did it very well for me, my commend wouldn't change anything. To post art? Yea, I do like to draw and sometimes I do some sculpting, but I'm not a show-off. Also, comparing my works to the art I've been admiring here was even more discouraging. Who am I, to think I can mix between such proffesionals... The third factor is my laziness and quick loss of interest in what I'm doing. I knew scanning pictures and preparing them to be published would take a long time, so I avoided it for as long as I could. Most of them is not fit to be published - I draw with pencil, or rather sketch and doodle, and very rarely decide to outline it with pen. As a result, I have lots and lots of barely legible little pictures in shades of gray, which would look just terrible as a scan.

Yes, some people have asked me if I have an art account and expressed pity when I told them I didn't. Even my Mom has tried to push me to show my works, but I have always been like meh, give it a rest. One day I found a picture that would perfectly fit a morning mug, and I found a place where I could print it, but I would feel bad if I did it without asking an author of the picture for a permission. I didn't have an account, so I could't mail the artist - so I didn't get the mug. And that was a year ago.

But then something happened - and within hours I decided to create an account and comment on the art piece that has surprised me. Gosh, that was like that tiny step of the first man on the Moon - now that I have an account, I feel obliged to post something, not to keep it so empty and ugly. So from now on, I'll try to publish my creations that I think are worthy, and I will comment on the others' work. Go me!

Ah, and by the way, feel free to mail me, if you want. I don't expect I'll draw much attention, but I'll be happy to know someone noticed me.


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Just watched "the Penguins from Madagascar" today.
It had everything. Tentacles, mutants and Birds.
Watch it, if you haven't already.
GosieXvelLipa Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014
*_* I want to... And the Hobbit has to be watched soon as well!
If time&money allows...
Laurosaurus Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014   General Artist
Oh yes, I completely understand that.
May Arceus be with you.
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*Holy Oyster*
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TheSax66 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ssup, thanks for the watch Lipomeister.
GosieXvelLipa Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
That way I can stalk you more efficiently :p

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